Office of 博士后教育

Engineering students working in lab with faculty
At the University of 南 Alabama, we believe that postdoctoral training should provide the individual fellows with mentored advanced training to enhance their professional skills and research independence needed to pursue their chosen career 路径.

Welcome to the Office of 博士后教育

In response to the University of 南 Alabama's growing number of postdoctoral researchers, the Office of 博士后教育 (OPE) was announced on March 12, 2014 at the 校董会' meeting.

The University has approximately 45 postdoctoral researchers at present. 所有研究人员 拥有博士学位. Through postdoctoral education, researchers increase their expertise in a specialist subject, usually in mentored research and/or scholarly training for the purpose of acquiring professional skills needed to pursue a certain career 路径. Postdoctoral research is considered essential to helping the University achieve its mission of making a difference in the global and local communities through discovery, 健康和学习. 

USA believes that postdoctoral fellows will broaden and enhance the University's research capacity by bringing more talent to the campus. Therefore, the purpose of the OPE is to enrich the postdoctoral experience through services and support to the fellows, their mentors, and the departments.